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Ed Sheeran Settles Copyright Lawsuit Over Hit Song ‘Photograph’


Ed Sheeran is on everyone’s lips right now with his hit single ‘Shape of You’, but before the success of his current top charting album ‘Divide,’ the singer had legal issues with a copyright lawsuit.

The UK singer was sued for copying a song from X Factor winner Matt Cardle, Ed’s song ‘Photograph’ was accused of sounding similar to Matt’s song ‘Amazing’. This lead to Matt’s publishers suing Ed Sheeran for copyright infringement claims, Ed was sued for $20 million which is around £13.8 million in the U.K. Reports today claim that the lawsuit which was filed last year, has been settled for the exact price stated £13.8 million.

Recently Ed Sheeran had to add additional co-writers to the hit ‘Shape of You’ after record labels pointed out similarities to TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ record.

We at “Muzlink” love Ed Sheeran and think he is amazing, but the issue of copyrights seems to be a constant factor in the singer’s successful discovery, which makes us wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Mr Sheeran’s record making camps.