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Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ Video Sparks Backlash On Twitter


Kendrick Lamar delivered a new video for new track ‘Humble’, in the video the Compton rapper finds himself pleading for women to stop using photoshop and ask people, in general, to just keep it real.

Unfortunately, the video received a lot of backlash from feminists on twitter regarding some of the statements he made on the track, feminists on twitter accused Kendrick Lamar of trying to control how women conduct themselves.

The majority of the backlash is centred around the second verse on the track.

Kenrick Lamar ‘Humble’ Lyrics

Feminist on social media expressed their anger and disappointment regarding the statement that was made in the second verse of ‘Humble’, many believe Kendrick Lamar was putting down some women in order to uplift others. Feminists on twitter believe some of Kendrick Lamar’s rap lyrics on the track are just as harmful as other misogynistic statements made in Hip Hop.

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Kendrick you cant control the power of a woman’s mind !