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Kim Kardashian West Loses 100,000 Followers


Kim Kardashian West has found herself in hot water; the reality star was spotted in Mexico with her “Booty” looking extremely big and shaped in an odd form.

The images spread across social media like fire display Kim as not so perfect. Kim is under fire by fans due to photos on her Instagram and Snapchat been edited and making her body look like something it’s not. Since the real paparazzi photos surfaced Kim has lost ‘100,000’ followers on Instagram.

Kim who was recently on the Ellen show still maintains the story that she does not have butt implants however the photos suggest that she is not been honest. According to Instagram the more the photos spread the more Kim Kardashian loses her fan base due to her allegedly cat fishing ways.

It’s important to point out Kim currently is the 5th most followed person on Instagram with 98.8 million followers.

Over here at Muzlink we always encourage young people to not worship celebrities and their bodies because most of the time it’s ‘Photoshop’ & ‘Editing filters’ that make them look perfect. Young people need to know perfection doesn’t exist, regarding Kim we hope she stops cat fishing and displays the real her as seen in the unedited paparazzi photos after all Kim makes her money from social media and her losing followers is a threat to her purse and brand. #JustSaying