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Who Is kylie Jenner Dating Now, Travis Scott?


People are wondering if Kylie and Tyga are still together but recent reports claim Kylie Jenner has moved on from boyfriend of many years ‘Tyga’, allegedly Travis Scott has been added to Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend history. Kylie Jenner and the rap star have allegedly been dating for weeks and were spotted at Coachella holding hands.

However, confirmation came in today with the pair been spotted together at the ‘Rockets’ game in Houston. The couple were sitting side by side and judging from the pictures and videos on social media the two are apparently involved with each other.

Travis Scott is known for his unique music sound but was somewhat out on the map by his brief “friendship” with icon ‘Rihanna’. This relationship marks his first public relationship, with Kylie living her life on TV it makes no different who she dates. She gets a lot of media attention due to her high profile family ‘The Kardashians’.

In other news, Kylie just released a cosmetic line with her older sister ‘Kim Kardashian West’ which sold out in minutes according to E!