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Nasty & Rude: Empire Crew Accuse Nia Long Of Disrespect


Reports broke on Wednesday, March 22, that Nia Long & Taraji P Henson had an altercation on the set of Empire, however, those reports were quickly dispelled by reps of the show and actresses. The plot has since then thickened according to ‘TMZ’ the crew of Empire (Producers & Make-up) have filed a formal complaint against ‘Nia Long’.

The crew state Nia was hard to work with and describe her as rude and unprofessional allegedly, the star was so hard to work with they let her off set before her scenes were done and she is now allegedly suing Empire for misconduct in relation to her contract.

Sources state Nia is close friends with ‘Terrance Howard’ who plays Lead on the show with ‘Taraji P Henson’. In the past, Nia has been spotted with Henson & Howard as friends but roles have since changed.

Reports also allege that previous actors that have worked with Nia Long state they will never work with her again some alleging her to be “Nasty & Demanding”.

Over here at “Muzlink” we are in utter shock over this story, we have always seen Nia Long as a class act but with all these allegations against her character it begs the question will her career suffer. A similar issue happened to J-Lo years ago when she was labelled a “Diva” those labels have since left her due to her professional on set demeanour, something Nia allegedly doesn’t have…

More on this contentious story as it develops.