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Case of the Ex: Rihanna Wants Drake To Leave her Alone


This time last year Rihanna and Drake were an item, the two had the number one hit single ‘Work’ together and were a power couple on their terms. Fast forward a year later things have changed, Drake is dealing with a stripper accusing him of getting her pregnant and Rihanna is still the queen of everything.

However, sources state Drake still wants Rihanna and is determined to get her back, much to the displeasure of Rihanna who allegedly wants nothing to do with the rap titan.

Sources close to ‘Ok Magazine’ state that,”He still calls her several times a week, sends bouquets of flowers and gifts… but she’s not interested and just wishes he’d get on with his life.”

He’s never gotten over Rihanna and still has this delusional belief they’ll wind up together again eventually.

We at ‘Muzlink’ are not shocked by this news. Drake will forever love Rihanna, regardless of her feelings towards him, it will be interesting to see if the pair will get back together shortly. Something’s tells us Drake has a lot of work work work to do to get RiRi back.